• Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer  with SPF 50+
  • Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer  with SPF 50+

Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer with SPF 50+


Clinically Tested Hydrating & Anti-Aging with 3D Skin Flex™

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Why You'll Love IT™

Bye Bye Foundation is your first-ever full-coverage moisturizer from IT Cosmetics that gives you the power to say “bye bye” to traditional foundation—and hello to your most beautiful skin! Developed with plastic surgeons, your innovative problem solver is designed to help cover and improve the look of skin concerns including redness, pores, dark spots, breakouts, lines and wrinkles—all while protecting your skin with SPF 50+ broad-spectrum physical sunscreen. Created with proprietary 3D Skin Flex™ Technology, your hydrating color-infused moisturizer provides smooth, flexible pure color pigments that float over lines and wrinkles and feel like nothing on your skin, but cover everything without creasing or cracking. Ideal for all skin types, it also features 7 key fermented ingredients to increase the absorption and efficacy of your skincare, plus bioluminescence and diamond powder for subtle radiance without glitter or shimmer. Finally, you can experience clinically tested hydration and smoothing, skin-perfecting full coverage that makes your skin look younger!

Now available in 12 shades:

  • Fair—ultra porcelain skin, fairest of fair skin, with warm (yellow) undertone
  • NEW! Fair Light—fair skin, if you burn easily in the sun, with cool (pink) undertone
  • Light—light skin with more warmth (yellow) to your skin
  • NEW! Light Medium—light to medium skin with cool (pink) undertones
  • Medium—medium skin with warm (yellow) undertones (this is Jamie’s shade!)
  • NEW!Neutral Medium—medium skin with neutral undertone
  • Medium Tan—medium to tan skin with warm (yellow) undertone
  • NEW! Neutral Tan—tan skin with neutral undertone
  • Tan—tan skin with warm (yellow) undertone
  • Rich—tan to rich skin with warm (yellow) undertone
  • NEW! Rich Honey—deep skin with warm (yellow) undertone
  • Deep—deep skin with neutral undertone

How to determine your undertone: 
Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Do they look more blue? You are cool! Do they look more green? You are warm! Can’t decide? Then you are neutral!

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Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+

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